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Tim Ngwena

BBC Radio 4 Digital Hackday

On the 12 July, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in the digital challenge day being hosted by BBC Radio 4, a hack day of sorts put on to help them approach a range of challenges in innovative ways. 28 teams took part in the day consisting mostly of agencies and a team of freelancers (my team, we formed the group on the day and labelled ourselves Team Green* (long story)) and a few individuals who took the challenge on solo.

The day involved tours, huddles, plenty of muffled conversations, flip-boards, quirky creative types and of course a range of inspiring and dynamic ideas that tackled a range of issues. See the thing is I can't say much about those issues, we had to promise to keep it a secret although I won't be held responsible if the NSA were listening in. Up for grabs was the opportunity for the winning team to work with the station on their concept conceived on the day.

Whilst Team Green didn't win, after 28 pitches, 28 proposals, and 14 days of deliberation, I'm pleased to announce that we came a close second and BBC Radio 4 are in conversation with us about using the concept we developed as part of an existing campaign they will launch later this year. Awesome!

The team at Poke came out with the top prize and will be working with BBC Radio 4 on their concept in the coming months. Look out for it, it's pretty cool!

* Team Green consisted of Sarah Cole, Patrick Hanon, Gavin Brelstaff , Ashley Tirri and myself.
** BBC Radio 4 Digital Challenge Day: Link