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Tim Ngwena

Iconic: Awesome icons for the web.

I've been experimenting with icon sets for the web and one of the most compelling reasons that's caused them to appear in my workflow recently is the flexibility and control they offer you compared to images. The best example is Font Awesome, a vector based icon font with over 361 icons in its library delivered through a web font and styled (size, colour & animation) with css.

But what if you could do a little more than just size colour and animation? that's what Waybury a collective based in San Francisco is doing. What I like about this icon set is that not only are they designing some of the best icon fonts for the web but they're taking it one step further with concepts such as responsive icons, collection wide styling for fills and line width, and data visualisation techniques with icon fonts. That's why I've backed the project on kick starter and you should too. 15 days to go at the time of posting.