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Tim Ngwena

Looking after your email unsubscribes.

I came across a great email unsubscribe experience today so thought I'd share it. I recently declared war on my inbox. I used to use my inbox like an RSS feed reader and so signed up to numerous email newsletters but now they've started to frustrate my inbox habits (inbox zero) so as they come in, I've been unsubscribing. For those of you asking why you should even bother with providing a great experience for those who want to become more distant, I recommend a brief post by Jay Bear on embracing those who reject you.

ShowYou are setting a great example for email unsubscriptions.

ShowYou made this experience awesome. First off, when I clicked the unsubscribe option, it immediately unsubscribed me. The link in my email was tailored for that purpose so I didn't need to login and all in all it took a second to unsubscribe.

The experience didn't end there though. The next thing they deserve credit for is great copy and great design. It didn't just say thanks but no thanks, but they realise that most users usually press unsubscribe out of frustration (not always caused by the sender) and so they start with an apology and their word that they won't send more emails your way.

The mobile optimised design also helps sell this tone. It's clean simple and isn't flooded with a survey asking them why they want to leave. Ok I appreciate feedback is handy but you should be asking for this in all your emails rather than during the unsubscribe phase. Instead, ask for this right next to the unsubscribe option in the body of your email. When they click unsubscribe, it's often too late.

Next up, they also realise that just because I unsubscribe, it doesn't mean I want to end the relationship with them. They offer other ways to engage with them, in this case, their app is what they want you to use instead. Those calls to actions stand out more than the the "Learn more" and "Create your channel" links. They finish it off with links to their social feed and a contact method should you feel the urge to voice a concern or provide feedback.

Pizza Express: not the best way to do it.

How does your email rate next to this? hopefully not as poorly as Pizza Express ?

It seems that they anticipated me opening the email on a desktop computer because the page wasn't optimised so I zoomed in with a couple of taps, I tried to give them feedback but then they hadn't optimised the responses to fit in the iOS rendered selection field so, I had to rotate my phone to get the full text of options. Lastly the thank you page is separate page so that again loads in tiny text at which point, I'm reaching for the close tab button rather than zooming in again and reading the text, but it turns out I wasn't missing out on much as the message was purely a confirmation message.